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House Call Appointments

Not all pets are easily transported to the clinic. Not all clients can get to the animal hospital. At Abbotsford Animal Hospital we recognize that some of our clients face these challenges and we are here to help.

Please note, that currently due to COVID we are not offering house call services but we hope to resume soon. Please call us at 905-727-7379 for more information.

In York Region we are one of the only Animal Hospitals to offer pick up, drop off and house call service.  With our highly trained and knowledgeable doctors and technicians, we are able to perform many of the same techniques used in the hospital in your own home. Annual wellness exams, behavior consultation and exams for illness are just a few examples of the house calls that are available. Dr. Clark and Dr. Bocknek have even performed abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds as house call appointments.

There are also times when minimal stress is essential when considering end-of-life decisions. Our doctors are available for consultation and to perform in-home euthanasia.

At Abbotsford Animal Hospital we realize that each client’s situation is unique; regardless of your ability to get your pet to the clinic, you can expect the best patient care.

​Please contact us or call 905-727-7379 ​to speak to one of our caring and compassionate staff.