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MMP TTA Procedure for Cranial Cruciate (Knee) Disease

MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure) TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) Procedure for Cranial Cruciate (Knee) Disease is now offered at Abbotsford Animal Hospital.


Abbotsford Animal Hospital is excited to offer extra-capsular stabilization surgery and MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure) TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement). Globally, more than 30,000 dogs have been successfully treated with the MMP TTA procedure. Abbotsford Animal Hospital is only the 11th hospital in Canada to be trained to offer the MMP TTA surgical method. Dr.Clark offers this surgery as a day surgery.

How Common Is the Surgery?

Over the years, there have been several variations of the tibial tuberosity advancement. The Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) has been routinely performed in Europe, Australia and the USA for many years.

What Does It Use?

It provides advantages over previous TTA methods. It utilizes a titanium foam wedge implant to advance and support the tibial tuberosity. This implant is porous and both promotes ingrowth of bone and is resistant to bacterial growth. MMP TTA permits weight bearing immediately, with many patients bearing some weight immediately postoperatively. 

What Are the Advantages?

Generally, the MMP TTA has a shorter period of exercise restriction compared with the TPLO.  In addition, to the faster return to unrestricted activity, the cost of the MMP TTA is typically $2500-$3500 less than the TPLO.

Dr. Derek Clark, Cranial Cruciate Surgery and MMP TTA Procedure, Referrals Welcome.

Since 1999, Dr. Clark has performed cranial cruciate-related surgery. He welcomes referrals for both extra-capsular stabilization surgery or the tibial osteotomy MMP. To find out more about whether the MMP or extra-capsular surgery is ideal for your pet, please have your veterinarian submit the referral form (via the link below) or call us at (905) 727-7379 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Clark.

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