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Cat laying on a table getting its chin scratched by owner

Stress-Free Cat Appointments

As most feline parents know, even the thought of a visit to the vet with their furry feline friends can be daunting. The inevitable fight to get them in the carrier prevents them from making the visit at all.

With this program, our goal at Abbotsford Animal Hospital is to create more of a stress-free environment for cats and to implement ways of making cat visits more comfortable for both our feline patients and the owners.

Woman Checking Cat's Heart

Designated Cat Exam Rooms

We have two designated exam rooms just for our feline friends. These exam rooms are quieter, with less "doggy traffic", and also come with a Feliway pheromone plug-in diffuser. Fresh towels on the exam tables, lightly sprayed with Feliway, are used to minimize slippery surfaces.

​Feliway helps comfort your cat by mimicking natural feline pheromones. Feliway can be used to make a new place or situation "feel" more familiar and safe for cats. This is one important tool Abbotsford Animal Hospital is implementing to help create a stress-free environment for our feline friends.

Digital scale and towel sitting on exam table at Abbotsford Animal Hospital

Separate Digital Scale for Cats

These cat exam rooms also have a digital cat scale to use so weighing your furry friend doesn’t have to be so scary for them. They are no longer in the high traffic reception area to get on a scale that is on the ground.

Cat-only waiting room at Abbotsford Animal Hospital

Reserved Waiting Area for Our Cat Patients

As our front office can get quite busy, we have a reserved cat-only waiting area for the cat patients so carriers do not need to be on the floor; cats always feel safer in higher places. This will minimize visual contact with other waiting pets.

We also provide towels, sprayed with Feliway, to cover carriers so as to reduce eye contact between cats and other pets.

Woman holding cat

Options for Travelling in a Carrier

For the scared and frightened kitty travellers, we have options to make travelling to the clinic much more comfortable and the veterinary visit more enjoyable for our cat patients. Please contact us for more information.

​With these steps to create a stress-free appointment, we hope to encourage return visits for our cat friends on a more regular basis. This will enable us to catch issues earlier, implement preventative measures and make sure that we provide the most optimum care possible.

Please use the link to contact us below or call 905-727-7379 to speak to one of our caring and compassionate staff.