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Abbotsford Animal Hospital

Behavioural Medicine

Behavioural medicine focuses on the physical and emotional health of domestic animals so they can determine the cause of a behavioural problem.


Problem behaviours are one of the major reasons pets are given up for adoption in York region.

Aggression, Destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, and the list goes on. How did our lovable puppy or our cute little kitten turn into such a whirling dervish of disaster?

Is your dog destroying your home, attacking guests as they walk through the front door, or attacking other dogs on a walk? Is your cat urinating on the laundry or shredding your furniture?

Why should I consider behavioral medicine for my pet?

The goal of behavioural medicine is to diagnose the physical or emotional condition and to enable the pet owner and pet to lead happier and safer lives.

The types of conditions veterinary behavioural medicine treats are: fears and anxiety, aggression, bathroom accidents, compulsive or repetitive behaviors, cognitive dysfunction, basic manners, and socialization.

When should I consider behavioral medicine for my pet?

If your pet is behaving in an undesirable way or you believe your pets behavior puts them or others at risk, then you should consider seeing a behavioral specialist.

How is my pet cared for during behavioral medicine therapy?

Dr. Bocknek has been helping families and individuals in York Region, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Richmond Hill, and the GTA for over 20 years to learn the techniques and habits to create environments where pets and people can live in harmony.

Dr. Bocknek is available for private behavior training. After the initial consultation, Dr. Bocknek will create a customised behavior training plan unique to your needs.

After a specific period where you will apply the plan, a free follow-up session will be scheduled to check up on your progress. Where things are going well and where they are not will be discussed and the plan further refined. You will be guided further via phone calls and emails. There is no added charge for these follow-ups.

Dr. Bocknek is available for daytime, evening, and weekend appointments.